Sports Medicine

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Sports Injury Specialist in Pune


Sports Specialist focuses on original research and definitive reviews in the field of sports and exercise medicine. The Journal includes medical and scientific research relating to:

  • Sporting performance enhancement including nutrition, equipment, and training
  • Medical syndromes associated with sport and exercise
  • Injury prevention and treatment
  • Exercise for rehabilitation and health
  • The application of physiological and biomechanical principles to specific
    sporting codes

Specializing in the treatment of athletes and other physically active individuals, sports, and exercise medicine physicians have extensive education in musculoskeletal medicine.

Which Injuries do Sports Medicine Doctors Treats?

  • Muscle Injury.

  • Ligament Injury.

  • Tendon Injury.

  • Bone problems / Injury.

but may also treat chronic illnesses that can affect physical performance, such as asthma and diabetes.

Sports Medicine doctors also advise on managing and preventing injuries.

Sports Injury Specialists in SEM diagnose and treat any medical conditions which regular exercises or sports persons encounter.

The majority of an SEM physician’s time is therefore spent treating musculoskeletal injuries, however other conditions include sports cardiology issues, unexplained underperformance syndrome, exercise-induced asthma, screening for cardiac abnormalities, and diabetes in sports.

In addition team physicians working in elite sports often play a role in performance medicine, whereby an athlete’s physiology is monitored, and aberrations corrected, in order to achieve peak physical performance.

Sports Medicine consultants / Sports Injury Specialists also deliver clinical physical activity interventions, negating the burden of disease directly attributable to physical inactivity and the compelling evidence for the effectiveness of exercise in the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of disease.