Robotics joint replacement surgery

Dr. Rohit Luthra- Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune

What is Robotics-assisted Knee replacement surgery?

The system is an advancement in the way orthopaedic surgeons perform partial and total knee replacement. Every procedure has an individualized plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy. The system works in conjunction with the surgeon’s skilled hands to achieve precise positioning of components during surgery. This level of accuracy can help improve the function, feel and potential longevity of the knee implant. Dr. Rohit Luthra is the Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune.

How does the system achieve these results?

The system provides robotic assistance through an advanced computer program that relays precise information about your knee to a robotics-assisted handpiece used by the surgeon during the procedure. By collecting patient-specific information, boundaries are established for the robotics-assisted handpiece so the surgeon can balance your joint and position components with accuracy and precision.

Total knee replacement with the NAVIO Surgical System.

The NAVIO Surgical system is a tool your surgeon used to correctly size and position the total knee implant with computer and robotic assistance.

computer assistance is used to collect the unique shape and motion of your knee to virtually plan the procedure. Robotics assistance is used to accurately perform the procedure. The extra layer of planning and precision provided by the NAVIO system aims to ensure the procedure is performed exactly as your intends. The NAVIO system does not perform the procedure. Rather it assists your surgeon by providing accuracy and precision-crucial to the success of the surgery.

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What to exact in surgery

You will first be placed under anesthesia to relax your body for surgery and block pain. The correct form of anesthesia will be discussed and determined prior to surgery with your surgeon anesthesiologist.

Your surgeon will then make an incision that extends several inches above the knee cap to several inches below the knee cap. Using NAVIO system, special trackers are secured to both the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) with four small surgical pins. It is placed through tiny incisions in the skin. These trackers are crucial to the precision of the system as they provide a constant reference point to the surgeon throughout the procedure.

Using computer assistance, the unique shape and motion of your knee are collected by the surgeon. This allows for a three- dimensional model of your knee to be generated and used by the surgeon to plan the procedure. Proper implant size and position will be determined at this time.

Arthroscopy Doctors in Pune
Arthroscopy Doctors in Pune

The JOURNEY  Total knee System implant is positioned virtually using advanced NAVIO planning software.

Once your surgeon virtually determines the correct implant size and positioning, a handheld robotics-assisted tool(the NAVIO handpiece) is used to accurately position bone removal cut guides. These cut guides enable the surgeon to use a surgical saw to remove your damaged knee bone, Making room for the implant. The extra layer of precision provided by the NAVIO system is designed to enable accurate cut guide placement. The NAVIO system does not perform the procedure. Rather it assists your surgeon by providing accuracy and precision – crucial to the success of the surgery.

Once the implant is in the final position, the incision is thoroughly cleaned and closed, Completing the procedure.

What can robotics-assisted technology mean for you?

  • Consistent results.
  • Accurately placed Components.
  • Customized planning.
  • No CT-scan required.

Other robotics-assisted surgical platforms require a costly CT-scan. It exposes patients to unnecessary radiation equivalent to 48 chest radiographs.

Why Partial knee replacement?

Partial knee replacement offers several benefits over total knee replacement, such as less pain, more normal feelings knees, smaller incision and quicker rehabilitation.

Why total knee replacement?

Total Knee replacement is one of the most successful procedures in all of the medicine according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Over 90% who undergo the procedure experience a dramatic reduction in knee pain and a significant improvement in their ability to perform common activities.

What's my next step?

Ask your surgeon:

  • Is my knee pain caused by osteoarthritis?
  • Am I a candidate for a partial or total knee replacement?
  • Is robotics-Assisted technology right for me?
  • how do my age, lifestyle and overall health affect my treatment options?
  • What are the risks associated with the surgeon?

Dr. Rohit Luthra is a Consultant Orthopedics, Joint Replacement, And Arthroscopy Surgeon. He has a special interest in Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, and sports medicine. He has been trained in prestigious hospitals in Europe and India. Dr. Luthra pioneers in doing computer navigated knee surgery which is better than conventional Knee Replacement. He is known for the best Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune.