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Joint Replacement Computer Assisted Surgery.

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In orthopedic surgery, there is a well-recognized relationship between accuracy and outcome. Well-aligned knee or hip replacement will last longer. this is achieved by Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS). It is the computer’s feedback combined with the surgeon’s judgment to perform a task better than either machine or human alone.

Why Computer Assisted Surgery CAS?

  • CAS creates virtual reality images which enable a surgeon to execute surgery exactly as planned.
  • CAS helps in getting a good alignment as well as accurate ligament balancing.
  • CAS also helps in complex surgeries as well as in those patients with previous surgeries with implants.

How Computer Assisted Surgery CAS works?

  • Wireless computer system with small camera & arrays.
  • The computer assesses the data received via infrared signals from the arrays & creates a bone model specific to the patient and thus guides the surgeon to align the implant and balance the ligaments with greater precision and accuracy.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Accurate implant alignment
  • Better ligament balancing
  • smaller incision
  • Faster recovery

The positioning of Implants Is Critical

While you may not realize it, one of the most critical aspects of joint replacement surgery is to ensure proper positioning of the implanted joint.

An incorrectly aligned joint can lead to early wear and loosening of the joint replacement.

Similar to the alignment of the wheels on your car, a poorly aligned joint replacement will cause problems with early wear of the replacement.

In an effort to prevent early wear and loosening, joint replacement surgeons are constantly searching for ways to ensure the implant is properly positioned.

Computer Assisted Surgery is one additional check to confirm the proper placement of the joint replacement. Your surgeon can still check with standard referencing instruments that the positioning is correct, and the computer can provide confirmation of the placement.

Should I Have Joint replacement Computer Assisted Surgery?

Computer Assisted Surgery is just developing, and there is certainly not enough known about CAS to say that it will lead to better results than standard surgical procedures.

CAS has been shown to make it less likely that limb alignment problems will occur after knee replacement surgery, but the computer models do not eliminate the chance of these errors being made.
Furthermore, computer modeling does not take into account the soft tissues around the joint, which are as critical as the bone alignment of the extremity.
Therefore, current CAS only addresses a part of the problem of implant alignment.

CAS is an interesting development, but it is just that at this point. Efforts are being made to develop computer models that also take into account the soft tissues around the joint so that a joint replacement implant can be as accurately placed as possible.

Computer assisted joint replacement surgery
Computer assisted joint replacement surgery
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